About Us

Miller Valley Amateur Radio Club

Club callsign: W9CUS
Location: Milwaukee, WI

Originally part of a Boy Scout troop, Miller Valley ARC developed into a weekly discussion group of amateur radio operators. Most meetings consist of an open discussion about what people did recently with ham radio, talking about upcoming projects that people are planning, and drawing from everyones’ experience to troubleshoot challenges someone is having.

If you want to get together with radio operators and actually talk about radio with them, this is the club for you. Common topics include:

  • FM repeaters
  • HF operating
  • Working satellites
  • Digital radio (D-STAR, DMR, Fusion)
  • Digital modes (FT8, PSK31, JT65, etc.)
  • Constructing and troubleshooting antennas
  • Field Day & Winter Field Day

Note: The club holds business meetings only when absolutely necessary (e.g., officer votes; spending treasury money), and even then they don’t last more than a few minutes.